Our mission

Everygirl Everywhere is an umbrella project by Smart Everything Everywhere, a key European supporter and facilitator for the digital sector in Romania since January 2017. Our mission is to ensure girls and women take up a digital career and that they are digitally literate -- by turning the gender gap in the digital sector into a national conversation and by consolidating, increasing, and leveraging Romania’s performance within the European Union in this regard. We connect our members with the industry and facilitate women’s integration into the digital workforce by giving them the tools they need to succeed; we showcase inspirational role-models and success stories, combating stereotypes and encouraging women to enter the digital workforce; we support women entrepreneurs, building a gender-balanced new generation of digital leaders; and we work with the industry to ensure the digital labor market moves towards gender parity. Our goal is for Romania to reach 35% women in digital by 2020, and gender parity in the digital sector and entrepreneurship by 2030.

Our objectives

Objective 1: To promote digital skills for women while challenging stereotypes

  • combat gender stereotypes and promote role models
  • enable, encourage and motivate girls to learn digital skills and choose STEM (Science , Technology, Engineering, Math) careers
  • enable and encourage more women to participate in the IT&C workforce and in digital entrepreneurship and innovation

Objective 2: To grow the IT industry and IT workforce

  • Grow women’s participation in the digital sector to 35% by 2020
  • Tackle the deficit in the ICT workforce by bringing more women in the ICT field
  • Bringing diversity and efficiency in the workplace

Objective 3: To build up Romania’s leverage within the E.U. by exporting sustainable and replicable good practices in closing the gender gap in the digital sector

Why it matters

  • Better returns: Highly gender diverse tech firms average 5.4% higher return than those with less gender diversity
  • Competitive edge: More gender equality corresponds with greater productivity and innovation, higher employee retention, and better risk management
  • Greater problem solving: Diversity of thought leads to better problem-solving and increased innovation
  • Inclusive design: A diverse team can better design products and service for a diverse audience
  • Ethical inclusion: we have a moral obligation to include women in the careers of the future

Our current activities

The Everygirl Alliance: a multi-stakeholder national coalition of actors aligned to our mission to close the gender gap in the digital sector. Within the Everygirl Alliance, we work with key players to ensure our efforts are concerted and aligned, for cumulative and consolidated results.

Meetups and events: opportunities to inspire, train and connect the digital women leaders of tomorrow. Whether for climbing the success ladder in the digital industry or for launching an industry-disrupting startup, we offer women a chance to surround themselves with success-oriented digital leaders and role-models.

Workshops and trainings: applied support for our members with the tools, skills, and know-how they require to succeed in the digital field. We build a thriving community of members and mentors in order to go beyond awareness and facilitate real transition or integration into the digital workforce and entrepreneurial ecosystem.    

Talent identification: active and continuous involvement in the talent identification market, supporting industry and connecting our members with career opportunities that keep pace with their potential and ambition. We connect our members and future digital leaders with the best employers, startups and accelerators, increasing the rate of women in digital one person at a time.

Hackathons and industry challenges: women-centered, topic-driven, and industry-supported events where our members can gain experience, recognition, and funding.  We work with our partners in the Everygirl Alliance, companies, and experienced mentors to organize applied events for our members, offering them a platform for applied professional development in the digital field.

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