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    Where we are: The world is going digital. However, the situation for gender parity is dismal in Europe: women represent only 17% of the European digital workforce. There are five men for every woman active in the professions of the future. Romania has the second best representation of women in the ICT sector in Europe (25.7%) and is in the top 10 Global Women Entrepreneurs Index. There’s something right here, which can be made better.

    An opportunity to act: We can increase women representation in the digital field to 35% by 2025 and reach gender parity by 2030 -- growing our economy, ensuring the industry’s sustained and equitable growth, and providing best practice leadership in the EU. We can inspire more girls to choose a STEM career by tackling stereotypes and taking concrete actions involving our entire society: industry, state, non-governmental sector, academia,  teachers, parents, and workers -- women and men alike. We have a fantastic potential to build a Romanian story of women entrepreneurs, tech girls and digital women leaders, growing our role in the European and global digital future. Join us.


    We believe in a digital future for everybody by everybody, men and women alike. We need a commitment to support women, ensuring a lean transition to a digital economy and society and preventing a new digital divide between genders that leaves half of our population underrepresented and disenfranchised in the digital workforce. We have both a moral obligation and an efficiency incentive to act so.

    We believe economic prosperity and sustained growth are only possible if we enable women leadership in the professions of the future and in entrepreneurship. In a global, interconnected, and highly interdependent economy, disruptive innovation has no gender. To make this a reality, women and girls need support and empowerment starting today.

    We believe in inclusive design, diverse teams and work environments that can better design products and services for the fast-paced ever-changing, ever-challenging digital economy. Digitization is transforming the workplace and the way economic value is created and distributed, and diversity and inclusiveness are key to competitiveness in any field of economic activity.

    We believe Romania has something to offer to the EU by promoting and consolidating gender parity in the digital field.  Europe can and should grow by capitalizing on the key strengths of all its members, and this is Romania’s opportunity to have a contribution.

    We believe promoting women in digital is a national project for competitiveness, economic growth, and social cohesion. The future is digital; those who bring the digital age to their entire society will be those who will best navigate that future.

    Sign the manifesto and join us in building a digital future for everybody, by everybody.


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